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Morrells have been making high-performance polyurethane & polyester coatings in Italy for over 15 years. These products are well established in the UK with major kitchen, bathroom and high-end joinery manufacturers; but now, so everyone can distinguish them from Morrells UK made wood finishes, we have designed a new tin and a new logo. VLi or Vernice Legno italia ("Italian Wood Finishes" in English) is Morrells major new brand, with all existing Polyurethane and Polyester lacquers now in a smart new carbon/chrome tin. Fastmatch colour tinting of VLi products is done at Morrells Branches across the UK with a Next-Day-Delivery service. The range includes Ultra-high solids lacquers and primers, mirror finish wet-look lacquers and luxurious waxed polyester lacquers. Exquisite Italian wood finishes are available in the UK... VLi a morrells brand

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